Petra Hansson joins Devant as General Counsel

July 11, 2023

Devant is delighted to announce the appointment of Petra Hansson, as its General Counsel. Petra is best-known for having been one of Spotify’s longest-serving executives, spending a decade providing legal guidance at Spotify (where she was General Counsel and head of business affairs) before leaving in 2018. Petra’s wealth of experience in guiding world-changing technology companies will see her play a pivotal role in ensuring Devant’s ongoing growth and resilience.

“Petra’s appointment comes at a crucial time, as we look to accelerate our operations. She will play an instrumental part in our growth, and enable us to navigate the evolving AI legal landscape” says Devant CEO & Co-founder, Richard Bremer. “Petra’s deep-rooted knowledge of legal licensing businesses and negotiation, will also play a vital role in cultivating robust deals, partnerships, and contracts.”

Establishing innovative solutions related to intellectual property, content licensing and new business models is integral to Devant’s success. Petra’s aptitude for navigating challenges and finding creative solutions to complex legal matters is what established her as one of the global tech ecosystem’s leading negotiators and legal problem solvers. Credited for a key role in the licensing of the Spotify service and the execution of the Spotify hybrid model, Petra was instrumental in the creation of Spotify.

Since leaving Spotify in 2018, Petra has worked as a legal advisor for a range of companies, including listed companies and start-ups. Her exceptional ability to balance legal challenges with business objectives, will make her a valuable addition to Devant.

“When I heard about what Devant were doing, I was intrigued. I hope to be able to use my expertise and experiences within the technology sector, to strengthen Devant’s high-quality and human-centered synthetic data proposition.” added Petra Hansson.

At Devant, Petra’s role will be to oversee all legal matters and guide the rest of the management team by offering strategic legal advice while ensuring that Devant upholds the highest legal standards. Petra continues, “Synthetic data is fast becoming one of the most valuable resources for businesses in the AI segment, and working with Devant gives me the unique opportunity to be a part of this evolving field. I am excited to apply my knowledge, and seize the opportunity to help shape the future of data-driven technologies.”