About us

At Devant, we provide high-quality synthetic data to support the training, validation and testing of Machine Learning networks. Offering unparalleled data customization, we deliver lifelike 3D simulations that enable Machine Learning developers to generate any real-life scenario. This empowers businesses to boost the performance of their computer vision applications, while also reducing bias normally associated with human-centric data.

Delivering a unique combination of speed and accuracy, we enable customers to specify their own adjustable parameters, returning high-quality training and validation images in a matter of days.

Our team includes experts from the VFX, computer graphics, and Machine Learning industries. The motion capture, animation and rendering capabilities developed in the VFX industry play an essential role in the production of realistic data, so this experience is absolutely essential to Devant’s mission.

Our synthetic data has potential uses across a wide range of industries. For example, our realistic human-centric data can be used to train, validate and test in-cabin automotive systems, improving road safety, and potentially saving lives.