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We’re always looking for new talent to join our friendly team and help take Devant to the next level.

Below you'll find a list of the roles we’re currently looking to fill. Our role descriptions are short and to the point, and that’s intentional — we don't want to simply repeat the usual cliches about requirements and responsibilities.

That said, we're looking for people that:

  • Are comfortable operating at the forefront of a fairly nascent domain/field
  • Have a deep desire to continue to learn new techniques and technologies
  • Enjoy collaborating effectively and efficiently in a remote-first setting
  • Have a genuine willingness to teach others, should you be our domain expert

Open positions

Please bear with us as we're putting the final touches to each position-specific ad. If a position you're interested in lacks a dedicated page, or you think that we should consider you for some other role - send us a message through our contact form, and we'll take it from there.